male; bright green wings, body; orange and yellow bill (pet; 2011-09-30)

Eclectus Parrot
Eclectus roratus

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: a spectacular parrot with exceptional sexual dimorphism in which the brilliant-red female is arguably even brighter than the brilliant-green male; inhabits rainforests and savanna woodlands; nests in tree cavities, with several males competing for a female who often sits at the opening of her nesting cavity like a beacon attracting males even from far away.

dorsal view; bright blue tail, green upperparts (pet; 2011-09-30)

ventral view; note blue on shoulders, scarlet "armpits" (pet; 2011-09-30)

note red iris surrounding the black pupil (pet; 2011-09-30)

these birds are inquisitive and adorable... (pet; 2011-09-30)

and acrobatic... (pet; 2011-09-30)

and generally obliging... (pet; 2011-09-30)

and personable; note large orange bill with yellower tip (pet; 2011-09-30)

male posing for a portrait (pet; 2011-09-30)

female, who just took a bath (pet; 2011-09-30)

mostly brilliant scarlet plumage (pet; 2011-09-30)

bright scarlet head; yellow iris; large black bill (pet; 2011-09-30)

yellow band across tip of scarlet tail (pet; 2011-09-30)

still drying off after her bath (pet; 2011-09-30)

posing for a portrait (pet; 2011-09-30)

female posing for a portrait (pet store; 2012-07-02)

female playing with a toy (pet store; 2012-07-02)