male; scarlet and black plumage; bright lower bill (Panama; 2008-05-30)

Crimson-backed Tanager
Ramphocelus dimidiatus

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a sexually dimorphic species in which the male is considerably brighter than the female; a striking feature of this species is the male's brilliant white lower mandible, which looks so impossibly bright that it seemingly must be lit from within.

frontal view of male; red underparts (Panama; 2008-05-30)

dorsal view of male; dark wings and tail; red rump (Panama; 2008-05-30)

female; more orangy-red (Panama; 2008-05-30)

frontal view of female; no bright bill (Panama; 2008-05-30)

side view of female (Panama; 2008-05-30)

dorsal view of female (Panama; 2008-05-30)

female in flight (Panama; 2008-05-30)