adult; no sexual dimorphism (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

Venezuelan Troupial
Icterus icterus

Native Range: South America

Notes: the national bird of Venezuela; bright holloween colors; inhabits dry woodlands and open savannahs; an obligate nest pirate, meaning that these birds do not build their own nests but rather find vacant nests or usurp active nests from other species.

black hood, tail, and wings; orange otherwise (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

sharp demarcations between orange and black (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

blue patch around eye; bluish base of bill (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

bright white patch on wing (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

rather long tail; sturdy body and legs (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

showing all major plumage features (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2011-11-20)