male; black-and-white tail stripes with white spots (Panama; 2008-06-02)

Violaceous Trogon
Trogon violaceous

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: trogons are spectacular birds of American tropical rainforests, where the often sit motionless on branches for considerable periods of time; oddly, different species can be told by the precise pattern of black, white, or grey on the underside of the tail; most species show sexual dimorphism with the females being somewhat duller than breeding males, who may be brilliant;

dorsal view; purplish-green back and tail (Panama; 2008-06-02)

ventral view; purplish sheen on breast; yellow belly (Panama; 2008-06-02)

purplish-black head; grayish bill; yellow eye-ring (Panama; 2008-06-02)

grayish on forewing (Panama; 2008-06-02)

female; brown replaces the greenish-black of male (Panama; 2008-07-10)

ventral view of female; same tail pattern as male (Panama; 2008-07-10)

yellow belly; fine black-and-white barring on wings (Panama; 2008-07-10)

male posing for a portrait (Panama; 2008-06-02)