heart-shaped "monkey face" (California, USA; 2007-07-28)

Barn Owl
Tyto alba

Native Range: Worldwide

Notes: one of the few cosmopolitan bird species; heart-shaped face is distinctive; no ear tufts; has larger broods (with about a dozen chicks) than most other carnivorous raptors.

front view (California, USA; 2007-07-28)

back view (California, USA; 2007-07-28)

this species has characteristic moth-like flight (California, USA; 2007-07-28)

talons on bird being banded (California, USA; 2007-07-28)

"monkey-shaped" facial disk facilitates hearing (Zoo; 2011-11-25)

looking (or listening) intently (Zoo; 2011-11-25)
the facial disk is offset a bit, helping to localize sounds (Zoo; 2011-11-25) facial close-up (Florida; 2012-12-21)
side view of the whole body (Florida; 2012-12-21)