large-bodied; white facial "spectacles" (Panama; 2008-06-26)

Spectacled Owl
Pulsatrix perspicillata

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a large owl of subtropical and tropical forests; a distinctive facial pattern gives this species a spectacled look; no sexual dimorphism.

yellow iris; black breast with white below (Panama; 2008-06-26)

dorsal view; dark upperparts (Panama; 2008-06-26)

ventral view; whitish lower breast and belly (Panama; 2008-06-26)

fledgling; white downy head (Panama; 2008-06-26)

fledgling; black-eyed look (Panama; 2008-06-26)

dorsal view of fledgling; note the yellow iris (Panama; 2008-06-26)