adult (Texas, USA; 2006-04-03)

Great Horned Owl
Genus species

Native Range: North America and Latin America

Notes: a large owl with prominent 'ear tufts' giving its head a cat-like shape; sometimes eats skunks and seems oblivious to the odor; yellow iris; little sexual dimorphism; distributed across habitats ranging from deserts to forests and even urban areas.

showing 'ear-tufts' and barred underparts (California, USA; 2007-03-17)

flying; note the bulky body, barred tail (Texas, USA; 2006-04-03)

acting wise(California, USA; 2011-03-10)

on nest (California, USA; 2006-04-22)

fledgling (California, USA; 2007-05-06)

posing for portrait (California, USA; 2011-02-15)

posing for portrait (Florida, USA; 2012-12-21)

posing for portrait (Florida, USA; 2012-02-21)