red bill, breast and iris; purple-blue head and belly (Australia; 2006-06-20)

Rainbow Lorikeet
Trichoglossus moluccanus

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: an outrageously colored parakeet in which both sexes look beautifully alike; found in rainforests and other woodlands and parklands; gregarious and noisy; many color forms and subspecies are recognized.

dorsal view; mostly green upperparts (Australia; 2006-06-20)

perched high on a limb; note the long pointed tail (Australia; 2006-06-20)

posing for a portrait (zoo; 2012-06-20)

frontal view (zoo; 2012-06-20)

the breast can be reddish in some other birds (Australia; 2006-06-20)

posing for a head portrait (Australia; 2006-06-20)
taking a bath; note the red on the underwing (zoo; 2012-06-20)
head portrait (zoo; 2012-06-20)

dorsal view (zoo; 2012-06-20)

dorsal view (Australia; 2006-06-20)

dorsal view (Australia; 2006-06-20)