red bill; bluish head; lime green nape (zoo; 2012-06-21)

Coconut Lorikeet
Trichoglossus haematodus

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: formerly considered a subspecies of the Rainbow Lorikeet, this species has more black scalloped markings on its red breast and other underparts; no sexual dimorphism.

green upperparts (zoo; 2012-06-21)

black scallop marks on red breaast (zoo; 2012-06-21)

yellow and green flanks (zoo; 2012-06-21)

walking; note the red iris (zoo; 2012-06-21)

frontal view (zoo; 2012-06-21)

side view (zoo; 2012-06-21)

head view(zoo; 2012-06-21)

posing for a portrait (zoo; 2012-06-21)