charcoal grey plumage; red tail; bluish face; white iris (Zoo; 2008-11-30)

Grey Parrot
Psittacus erithacus

Native Range: Africa

Notes: a popular bird in pet stores; exceptionally smart as indicated by its many vocalizations and capacity to communicate with people as well as to mimic human voices; one famous Grey Parrot named Alex was the subject of books by Irene Pepperberg who documented Alex's use of more than 100 human words, often in proper context, phrases, and syntax; no sexual dimorphism.

posing for a head portrait (pet store; 2012-07-02)

showing his inquisitive side (pet store; 2012-07-02)

eating a peanut (pet store; 2012-07-02)

using his dextrous feet (pet store; 2012-07-02)

posing on a perch (pet store; 2012-07-02)

posing for the camera (pet store; 2012-07-02)