black plumage; crested (pet show; 2013-04-20)

Palm Cockatoo
Probosciger aterrimus

Native Range: Australia

Notes: one of the largest Australian parrot species; distinctive with a large crest and huge bill; eats hard seeds and nuts; breaks off one-inch-diameter sticks that it uses in drumming displays; distinctive red cheek patch that changes color when the bird is alarmed or excited; does not generally flock although up to six birds may feed together; large and complex vocal repertoire; lays one egg in a tree hollow every second year; an endangered species in high demand for the pet trade.

large black bill; orange cheek patch (pet show; 2013-04-20)

dorsal view (pet show; 2013-04-20)

side view with crest lowered (pet show; 2013-04-20)

frontal view with crest raised (pet show; 2013-04-20)

posing for a body portrait (pet show; 2013-04-20)

posing for a head portrait (pet show; 2013-04-20)