grey and yellow captively bred birds (pet store; 2012-07-02)

Nymphicus hollandicus

Native Range: Australia

Notes: with respect to overall popularity in the pet trade, this species is perhaps second only to the Budgericar; birds in the wild are mostly grey with yellow (plus a red cheek patch) only on the face; birds in captivity have been selectively bred for a wide range of colors including all-yellow plumages and various pied conditions that show various mixtures of yellow and grey blotches.

pied plumage common in captive birds (pet store; 2012-07-02)

note the prominent pointed crest of this species (pet store; 2012-07-02)

all-yellow plumage of captively bred bird (pet store; 2012-07-02)

posing for a head portrait (pet store; 2012-07-02)