close to the wild-type plumage (pet store; 2011-10-30)

Melopsittacus undulatus

Native Range: Australia

Notes: the wild form in Australia is green in color, but domesticated strains have been bred for a wide variety of beautiful colors ranging from blues to yellows to various mottled patterns; a common and extremely popular pet store bird; in its native Australia, this species roams the arid outback in large flocks.

some of the pet-store variety; note long pointy tail (pet store; 2011-10-30)

Buddy (home; 2011-10-20)

Sky (home; 2011-10-20)

Buddy and his friend Sky (home; 2011-10-20)

Whitey (home; 2012-07-20)

Whitey (home; 2012-07-20)