natural green plumage (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

Pacific Parrotlet
Forpus coelestis

Native Range: South America

Notes: parrotlets are tiny parrots with stout little bodies and short tails; they are very fast flyers; this species is native to Peru and adjoining lands; birds in the wild are green, but this speies is also raised in captivity for the pet trade, in which case some birds are mostly blue in plumage.

frontal view (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

side view facing left (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

side view facing right (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

nice personaity (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

being mischievous (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

posing for a portrait (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

head portrait (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

side portrait (pet (Floret); 2012-07-24)

atypical blue plumage (pet (Bobbie); 2012-07-24)

frontal view (pet (Bobbie); 2012-07-24)

side view(pet (Bobbie); 2012-07-24)

heead portrait (pet (Bobbie); 2012-07-24)

body portrait (pet (Bobbie); 2012-07-24)

happy couple (pets; 2012-07-24)

couple posing (pets; 2012-07-24)