rosy-pink head and underparts; lighter vent area (Australia; 2006-06-20)

Eolophus roseicapilla

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: a highly distinctive parrot with pink and grey plumage; found throughout most of the Australian continent; this species (together with Major Mitchell's Cockatoo) represents an evolutionary lineage that branched off early from the line that led to white cockatoos; nests in tree cavities; no sexual dimorphism.

dorsal view; grey upperparts (Australia; 2006-06-20)

a bold and inquisitive species (Australia; 2006-06-20)

pair kissing (Australia; 2006-06-20)

a sleepy bird; note the rather dark tail; light bill (Australia; 2006-06-20)

with crest down (pet store; 2012-07-02)

posing with crest raised (pet store; 2012-07-02)

feediing at the trough (pet store; 2012-07-02)

with a feather stuck to his bill (pet store; 2012-07-02)

showing off his rosy underparts (pet store; 2012-07-02)

posing for a body portrait (pet store; 2013-04-20)