large speckled-grey head; otherwise green plumage (Zoo; 2012-10-23)

Red-fan Parrot
Deroptyus accipitranus

Native Range: South America

Notes: a large-headed parrot native to undisturbed forests of northern South America.

head portrait; red on the nape; white iris (Zoo; 2012-10-23)

side view; the red nape has specks of blue (Zoo; 2012-10-23)

some red speckles on the breast and flanks too (Zoo; 2012-10-23)

side view (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

red and blue flecks on the nape (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

yellow iris; black bill (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

dorsal view(Zoo; 2013-05-29)

ventral viewl; rounded tail (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2013-05-29)