mostly white plumage with a long yellow crest (Australia; 2006-06-20)

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Cacatua galerita

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: a surprisingly common and conspicuous species in eastern Australia, where it is sometimes considered a pest by farmers; often seen in flocks; a very popular bird in the pet trade due to its beauty, intelligence, and lovable personality; no sexual dimorphism.

large black eye; large parrot bill (Australia; 2006-06-20)

sitting in a tree (Australia; 2006-06-20)

flying overhead with a piece of fruit in its mouth (Australia; 2006-06-20)

a flock perched in the canopy (Australia; 2006-06-20)

playful personality (zoo; 2012-06-20)

posing for a body portrait (zoo; 2012-06-20)

posing for a head portrait (zoo; 2012-06-20)

nearly as smart and impish as a 3-yr-old human (zoo; 2012-06-20)

posing for a whole-body portrait (pet show; 2013-04-20)