adult; little sexual dimorphism (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

Sun Parakeet
Aratinga solstitialis

Native Range: South America

Notes: also known as Sun Conures, these birds are common in a pet trade that has greatly diminished their numbers in the wild; in nature, found in small flocks in dry semi-deciduous forests of Guyana and Brazil; nests inside dark tree cavities.

sunburst colors despite sitting in the rain (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

dorsal view; mostly green back and wings (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

ventral view; red-and-yellow head and underparts (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

inverted view; hanging upside-down (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

pair kissing (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

closeup of head and breast (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

strikingy colorful bird (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2011-11-20)