mostly blue above and yellow below; long pointed tail (Zoo; 2008-11-30)

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw
Ara ararauna

Native Range: South America

Notes: a spectacular parrot that is also very popular in zoos and in the pet trade; in the wild, often seen flying over tropical forests in pairs in the early morning and late afternoon; has raucous far-carrying calls.

ventral view; bright yellow underparts (pet; 2008-06-02)

very large bill; white face margined in black (Zoo; 2008-11-30)

long pointed wings comlement pointed tail in flight (Zoo; 2008-11-30)

with its evolutionary cousin, a Red-and-green Macaw (pet; 2008-06-02)

bluish wings, back, and posterior part of crown (pet; 2008-06-02)

posing for a head portrait; note zebra-like facial pattern (Zoo; 2011-11-26)