adult; no sexual dimorphism (California, USA; 2008-01-19)

Red-crowned Amazon
Amazona viridiginalis

Native Range: Middle America

Notes: one of severa Amazon parrots native to Middle America that have been imported into North America, escaped, and eventually established feral populations in various southern cities in the USA. Mated pairs often seem to make aerial surveys as they fly in tandem across an urban landscape especially at dawn and dusk.

red crown, green body (California, USA; 2008-01-19)

yellow in tail, light bill (California, USA; 2007-02-10)

fleshy cere above bill, as in all parrots (California, USA; 2007-02-10)

on a scouting flight (California, USA; 2008-01-12)

zygodactyl feet, two toes forward, two back (California, USA; 2007-02-10)

adept at manipulating food with feet and bill (California, USA; 2007-02-10)

posing for a portrait (California, USA; 2011-09-03)