adult; yellow head, pale bill, green body (California, USA; 2008-02-02)

Yellow-headed Amazon
Amazona oratrix

Native Range: Middle America

Notes: although not within its native range, feral populations of this species (probably descended from pet-store escapees) have become established in a few places in North America such as southern California; members of this species are popular as pets because they have lively personalities and an excellent capacity to talk by mimicking people-speak.

juvenile; less yellow on the head (California, USA; 2008-02-02)

adult peeking out from foliage (California, USA; 2008-02-02)

frontal view; yellow throat, otherwise green underparts (Zoo; 2011-11-25)

dorsal view; yellow head, green back, wings, and tail (Zoo; 2011-11-25)

showing dexterity of its zygodactyl foot (Zoo; 2011-11-25)

giving us a closer look at his prize almond (Zoo; 2011-11-25)

some birds have "double-yellow" head with green band (Zoo; 2011-11-25)

note red shoulders, pale bill; pets can be great talkers (Zoo; 2011-11-25)
some pets have wonderful personalities... (Zoo; 2011-11-25)
and they seem to know it! (Zoo; 2011-11-25)