light phase; plain gray back; pale tail, head (Northern Ireland; 2008-07-07)

Northern Fulmar
Fulmarus glacialis

Native Range: Northern Oceans

Notes: a stocky, heavy-bodied seabird with tubelike nostrils; comes in light and dark plumage phases.

dark phase; darker brownish-gray overall (California, USA; 2009-09-19)
dark phase swimming (California, USA; 2009-09-19)

darl phase laboring to take off (California, USA; 2009-09-19)

light phase; white below; black eye patch (Northern Ireland; 2008-07-07)

light phase; note stout bill, tubular nostrils (Northern Ireland; 2008-07-07)

light phase flying overhead (Northern Ireland; 2008-07-07)