black crested crown; rufous auricular area; long bill (Spain; 2006-06-10)

Great Crested Grebe
Podiceps cristatus

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a large grebe generally similar in apearance to the Red-necked Grebe; shows elaborate courtship dsplays in which the two sexes puff out their black-and-rufous head feathers and mutually head-wag; breeds in freshwater marshes and ponds; winters mainly in coastal waters.

head feathers partially erect; long neck; pale throat (Spain; 2006-06-10)

dorsal view; dark back and back of neck (Spain; 2006-06-10)

posing for a portrait; note the red iris (Spain; 2006-06-10)

note the black line from eye to bill (Poland; 2012-06-01)