adult male; note zygodactyl feet (California, USA; 2007-01-27)

Nuttall's Woodpecker
Picoides nuttallii

Native Range: North America

Notes: closely reated to Ladder-backed Woodpecker but with slightly more black on nape and side of neck; common in oak woodlands; like all woodpeckers, has zygodactyl feet (two toes point forward and two point backward).

red on crown; black stripes on face, nape (California, USA; 2007-01-27))

showing off red crown (California, USA;2007-01-27))

black-and-white barred back (California, USA; 2007-01-27))

clinging to post (California, USA; 2007-01-27))

clinging to tree (California, USA; 2009-06-19)

adult female; lacks red on crown (California, USA; 2007-04-22)

female; white spot at base of bill (California, USA; 2006-12-22)

female; stiff tail feathers (California, USA; 2006-12-22)

female at nest (California, USA; 2006-05-22)