adult showing red belly, iris; yellow at bill base (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Melanerpes carolinus

Native Range: North America

Notes: in the USA, the southeastern countepart of the Gila Woodpecker and Golden-fronted Woodpecker that occur in western states; prefers open deciduous woods and (in Florida) palms; its name is misleading because red on the belly is limited and rarely visible when the bird clings to a tree trunk.

male; red on crown as well as nape (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)
adult; bright horizontal barring on back (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

female; gray crown; red nape (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

male; red cap and nape; strong bill (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

male climbing tree; red cap and nape (Georgia, USA; 2011-12-21)