male, as told by red malar stripe (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-26)

Gilded Flicker
Colaptes chrysoides

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: a flicker of the deserts; intermediate in plumage between eastern (yellow-shafted) and western (red-shafted) forms of the Northern Flicker, because males have a red malar stripe yet yellow shafts on the flight feathers; nests in self-made cavities of saguaro cacti.

black V on breast; spotted underneath (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-26)

female, as told by lack of malar stripe (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-26)

sipping nectar or water from saguaro flower (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-26)

nest cavity in saguaro cactus (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-26)