brown-streaked breast; red iris; fluffed appearance (Panama; 2008-06-25)

White-whiskered Puffbird
Malacoptila panamensis

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: puffbirds are small, stocky, secretive birds of Neotropical lowland forests; their name comes from the fact that they routinely fluff out their feathers when perched; found singly or in small family groups, often sitting motionless for long periods of time; they catch insects by a quick "sally-strike" behavior that seems to belie their otherwise lethargic demeanor; this sally may be to the ground, to a tree trunk, or even to snatch an insect from the air.

white whiskers; large bill relative to small body size (Panama; 2008-06-25)

sits motionless for long periods of time (Panama; 2008-06-25)