adult carrying stick for nest; mostly white plumage (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)

Red-footed Booby
Sula sula

Native Range: Pacific Ocean

Notes: bright red feet are indeed the halmark of this booby; builds stick nests in bushes or small trees on oceanic islands; no sexual dimorphism; fishes by plunge-diving.

adult diving into the sea; black trailing edge of wings (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)

adult in flight; some orange in head area; bluish bill (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)

head-on view in flight (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)

juvenile turning to adult plumage; brown splotched (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)

juvenile changing into adult plumage (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)

nesting colony in bushes on a hillside (Hawaii; 2007-04-01)