male; long pointed bill; black body; long tail (South Africa; 2007-07-07)

Anhinga melanogaster

Native Range: Africa, Oriental Region, and Australia

Notes: this species is the Old World (and Australian) ecological and behavioral counterpart of the Anhinga in the Americas; indeed, these two species are the only living members of the taxonomic family Anhingidae.

dorsal view; some white on wings and back (South Africa; 2007-07-07)

flying away (South Africa; 2007-07-07)

some brown on neck and head; yellowish bill (South Africa; 2007-07-07)

male drying off by sunning and spreading wings (Australia; 2006-06-06)

female; lighter on head, neck, and breast (Australia; 2006-06-06)

snake-like neck is very flexible (Australia; 2006-06-06)

often swims submerged except for head and neck (Australia; 2006-06-06)

juvenile in flight; entirely white underarts (Australia; 2006-06-06)

drying its wings (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

showing its gular flutter (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

showing its straight pointed bill and long tail (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

showing its white ear streak (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

perched (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

swimming (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

drying its wings (Zoo; 2008-10-21)