white eye tripe separates black on face and crown (Panama; 2008-05-20)

Rusty-margined Flycatcher
Myiozetetes cayanensis

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: very similar and closely related to the Social Flycatcher, but shows more rusty color on the wing margins; both of these species are part of a large complex of tropical flycatchers with bright yellow underparts and black-and-white head markings; no sexual dimorphism.

ventral view; bright yellow underparts (Panama; 2008-05-20)

brown above; tail; rusty shafts on wing feathers (Panama; 2008-05-20)

posing for a portrait (Panama; 2008-05-20)

still posing for a portrait (Panama; 2008-05-20)

showing off its yellow patch on the crown (Panama; 2008-05-20)

posing yet again (Panama; 2008-05-20)