adult; no sexual dimorphism (Norway; 2009-05-24)

Turdus pilaris

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a highly migratory species of fileds and grasslands; omnivorous; often nests in colonies, perhaps to gain protection against marauding crows; often occurs in large flocks; described by Linnaeus in 1758 in his Systema Naturae; the name of this species probably comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word feldefare that means "traveler through the fields."

frontal view; speckled breast; yellow bill; grey head (Norway; 2009-05-24)

brown back and leading part of wing (Norway; 2009-05-24)

taking a bath (Norway; 2009-05-24)

getting even cleaner; note the grey rump (Norway; 2009-05-24)

showing off a cocky attitude (Norway; 2009-05-24)

listening for a worm (Poland; 2012-05-24)

frontal view (Poland; 2012-05-24)