male; black plumage; yellow bill, eye-ring (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

Common Blackbird
Turdus merula

Native Range: Eurasia and Oriental Region

Notes: a common and familiar dark-plumaged thrush of parks and gardens across Europe; hops or runs on the ground, often stopping to cock its head and listen for the worms that make up a large part of its diet; despite its common name, this species is not a true blackbird (Icteridae) but rather it is a thrush (Turdidae).

frontal view; dark legs too (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

often feeds on lawns, looking for worms (Spain; 2006-06-04)

female; browner plumage; scalloped breast (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

either a female or likely a young male (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)
no wingbars or other pronounced markings (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)
does show faint streaking on the lighter throat (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)