white eye-stripe; reddish-brown upperparts (Georgia, USA; 2009-05-12)

Carolina Wren
Thryothornus ludovicianus

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: in the USA, the eastern counterpart of the western Bewick's Wren, but more buffy-colored underneath and with a very different song; frequents brushy habitats and forest edges.

buffy undeneath; decurved bill; pert attitude (Georgia, USA; 2009-05-12)

side view (Georgia, USA; 2011-12-21)

typical cocked-tail posture (Georgia, USA; 2011-12-21)

dorsal view (Georgia, USA; 2011-12-21)

at a feeder, where it occasionally eats seeds too (Georgia, USA; 2011-12-21)