male; black face; grey head; long tail; brown back (Germany; 2007-10-21)

Bearded Reedling (or Bearded Tit)
Panurus biarmicus

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a small and beautiful marsh-dweller with quite a long tail and strong sexual dimorphism; generally tit-like (Paridae) in appearance but actually related more closely to babblers (Timaliidae); inhabits reed-beds almost exclusively.

female; pattened wing; creamy-brown plumage (Germany; 2007-10-21)

female perched on reed; note the graduated tail (Spain; 2006-06-09)

female; (Spain; 2006-06-09)

comment (Spain; 2006-06-09)

dorsal view of a handsome couple (Germany; 2007-10-21)

male; note black legs and face; yellow iris and bill (Germany; 2007-10-21)