sky-blue color is brighter on the wings (Panama; 2008-05-31)

Blue-grey Tanager
Thraupis episcopus

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a beautiful sky-blue tanager with no sexual dimorphism; often one of the most common and conspicuous tanagers within its range similar in size and shape to the Palm Tanager.

dorsal view; darker blue upperparts and tail (Panama; 2008-05-31)

ventral view; lighter blue underparts (Panama; 2008-05-31)

eating a sliced banana (Panama; 2008-05-31)

inquisitive about the photograher (Panama; 2008-05-31)

with his friend the Crimson-backed Tanager (Panama; 2008-05-31)

posing for a portrait (Panama; 2008-05-31)

looking for another handout (Panama; 2008-05-31)

checking out the feeder (Panama; 2008-05-31)

two birds on right with a Palm Tanager to the left (Panama; 2008-05-31)