blue head with black lores and eye (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

Blue-necked Tanager
Tangara cyanicollis

Native Range: South America

Notes: inhabits tropical and subtropical wet forests in the northern region of South America; insectivorous and frugivorous; sexes alike.

frontal view; yellow shoulder patches; black underparts (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

black back and tail; yellow wing patch and stripes (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

ventral view; jet-black underneath (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

dark bill (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

eating a piece of fruit after a bath (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

dorsal view; note the greenish-yellow rump area (Zoo; 2012-10-23)