male; black head; white belly and neck line (Panama; 2008-06-15)

Variable Seedeater
Sporophila corvina

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: males of this species show considerable variation in plumage color, with some specimens being quite light underneath, others quite black, and others being in-between; strong sexual dimorphism.

male with black-barred sides (Panama; 2008-06-15)

large conical bill (Panama; 2008-06-15)

often a white patch on the wing too (Panama; 2008-06-15)

the neck line often enlarges to a neck spot (Panama; 2008-06-15)

a light-colored specimen (Panama; 2008-06-15)

a dark-colored specimen (Panama; 2008-06-15)

female; olive-yellow all over (Panama; 2008-06-15)

frontal view of female (Panama; 2008-06-15)