male; reddish throat and breast; dark grey face (Panama; 2008-05-30)

Red-throated Ant Tanager
Habia fuscicauda

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: although currently placed in the tanager family Thraupidae, some researchers think that Ant Tanagers are related more closely to cardinals and their alies in the family Cardinalidae; this species inhabits the forest understoty and shows strong sexual dimorphism.

head shot; note the rather lage bill (Panama; 2008-05-30)

male; aso shows some red on the crown (Panama; 2008-05-30)

a bird in the hand (Panama; 2008-05-30)

a bird in the bush (Panama; 2008-05-30)

female; yellowish where the male is reddish (Panama; 2008-05-30)

female; olive-yellow where the male is red-grey (Panama; 2008-05-30)

ventral view of female (Panama; 2008-05-30)

dorsal view of female (Panama; 2008-05-30)