male; strikingly barred with black and white (Panama; 2008-05-20)

Barred Antshrike
Thamnophilus doliatus

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: ant-following antshrikes get their name from their heavy shrike-like bills; males of this particular antshrike species are heavily barred, thus making this species' first common name quite appropriate.

frontal view; black crest; white iris (Panama; 2008-05-20)

side view of male ; heavy shrike-like bill (Panama; 2008-05-20)

female; rufous brown; heavy shrike-like bill; light iris (Panama; 2008-05-20)

ventral view of female; black-streaked facial pattern (Panama; 2008-05-20)

female posing (Panama; 2008-05-20)

side view of female (Panama; 2008-05-20)

female looking down on photographer (Panama; 2008-05-20)