male; charcoal colored body lines; red iris (Panama; 2008-06-08)

Fasciated Antshrike
Cymbilaimus lineatus

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: an amazingly-plumaged bird with dense lines across its whole body (as highlighted by the Latin name); show strong sexual dimorphism with the male being barred with charcoal black lines and the female being barred with reddish brown lines; antshrikes get their name from the facts that they sometimes follow ant colonies and have a hooked tip of their sturdy shrike-like bill.

medium-sized body; stays in the forest understory (Panama; 2008-06-08)

dorsal view of male; barring both above and below (Panama; 2008-06-08)

female; brown-colored body lines; red iris (Panama; 2008-06-08)

ventral view; barring both below and above (Panama; 2008-06-08)

female posing (Panama; 2008-06-08)

comment; note the hooked shrike-like bill (Panama; 2008-06-08)