male; uniform charcoal grey with white wing dots (Panama; 2008-06-14)

Dusky Antbird
Cercomacra tyrannina

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: antbirds get their name from the fact that they often follow ant colonies when foraging; this medium-sized species is quite drab, with the male being mostly charcoal grey and the female being mostly brownish in plumage.

ventral view of male (Panama; 2008-06-14)

dorsal view of male (Panama; 2008-06-14)

male holding a morsel of food (Panama; 2008-06-14)

female; uniform cinnamon brown (Panama; 2008-06-14)

dorsal view of female (Panama; 2008-06-14)

female peeking out from foliage (Panama; 2008-06-14)

female posing (Panama; 2008-06-14)