brown crown, blue-gray back and wings (California, USA; 2007-08-04)

Pygmy Muthatch
Sitta pygmaea

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: a small nuthatch of western pine forests where it replaces the Brown-headed Nuthatch of the southeastern USA; like all nuthatches, it scrambles upside-down as well as rightside-up along tree trunks and large limbs; slightly upturned bill is used to probe under bark in search of grubs and other insects; no sexual dimorphism.

note rather large, upturned wedge-like bill (California, USA; 2006-08-05)

whitish underparts; long-clawed toes (California, USA; 2006-08-05)

stubby squarish tail (California, USA; 2006-08-05)

light buff-colored breast (California, USA; 2006-08-05)

posing for a portrait (California, USA; 2006-08-05)