black-and-white patterned plumage; white eye-line (Australia; 2006-07-09)

Willie Wagtail
Rhipidura leucophrys

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: looks and acts remarkably like North America's familiar Black Phoebe, although these two species are not at all related; no sexual dimorphism.

frontal view; white lower breast and belly (Australia; 2006-07-09)

dorsal view; entirely black upperparts (Australia; 2006-07-09)

rather long tail (Australia; 2006-07-09)

side view; black above, white below (Australia; 2006-07-09)

perched on a log; pert attitude (Australia; 2006-07-09)

perched on the ground; pert attitude (Australia; 2006-07-09)

generally an active bird (Australia; 2006-07-09)