adult fanning its tail (Australia; 2006-06-22)

Grey Fantail
Rhipidura albiscapa

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: all of the approximately 40 fantail species are quite similar and thus have been lumped into one genus that is native to the Australasian Region; some of the species are mostly grey (or black) and white but others have varied and sometimes bright colors; these birds get their name from the fact that they routinely fan their tails and do other maneuvers such as twisting and turning their bodies as if excited or nervous; phylogenetically, they are quite closely related to monarch flycatchers (Monarchidae); the Grey Fantail is a familiar bird throughout much of the Australian region and has several distinguishable geographic races; little sexual dimorphism.

juvenile; much browner than the adults (New Zealand; 2005-07-02)

this individual exemplifies a grey race of the species (Australia; 2006-06-22)

face mask bordered by white; dark grey above (Australia; 2006-06-22)

white undrparts; black chin stripe; rather long tail (Australia; 2006-06-22)