adult; wingbars; yellow lines on wing and tail (California, USA; 2006-12-22)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Regulus calendula

Native Range: North America

Notes: a tiny, active birdlet of coniferous and deciduous woodlands; nervously flicks its wings; red crown of male rarely visible; very similar to and easily confused with Hutton's Vireo.

pale white eye ring (California, USA; 2007-01-27)

male showing red patch on crown (California, USA; 2006-12-22)

dorsal view (California, USA; 2006-12-22)

red crown not normally evident (California, USA; 2007-01-27)

sunbathing (California, USA; 2006-12-22)

black patch below wingbars; big-eyed look (California, USA; 2006-12-03)

posing for portrait (California, USA; 2006-12-22)