male; dark glossy violet all over; violet iris; pale bill (Australia; 2006-06-20)

Satin Bowerbird
Ptilonorhynchus violaceus

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: bowerbirds are jay-sized birds most famous for their courtship behaviors; each male builds a bower or avenue of grasses which he then adorns with berries, pebbles, or other trinkets, all in an effort to atract one or more females for mating; different species built bowers of different designs and the males spend a great deal of time tending to and tinkering with their displays; most of the species are polygamous and shown strong sexual dimorphism.

female; olive green on head and upperparts (Australia; 2006-06-20)

frontal view of female; scalloped-olive underneath (Australia; 2006-06-20)

female; note bright violet iris and yellowish bill (Australia; 2006-06-20)

female looking for a handout (Australia; 2006-06-20)