charcoal-grey head; streaked brown upperparts (Portugal; 2006-06-01)

Prunella modularis

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: superficially resembles sparrows (Emberizidae) but has a thin (rather than conical) bill and actually belongs to the accentor family (Prunellidae); inhabits brushy places including hedgerows (and indeed this species is also called "hedgesparrow" in some field-guides).

ventral view; greyish breast; lighter belly; red iris (Portugal; 2006-06-01)

singing with its eyes closed (Portugal; 2006-06-01)

very sparrow-like except for thin non-conical bill (Portugal; 2006-06-01)

a bird in the hand... (Germany; 2007-10-21)

will soon be banded... (Germany; 2007-10-21)

but first must pose for a picture; note the thin bill (Germany; 2007-10-21)