male; dark hood; yellow body with burnt orange marks (Zoo; 2013-06-16)

Black-headed Weaver
Ploceus melanocephalus

Native Range: Africa

Notes: this species is very similar to the Village Weaver but the black is more extensive and covers nearly the whole head. Like all weavers, the males weave beautiful gourdlike nests to which they try to attract females.

frontal view; dark orange extends onto throat (Zoo; 2013-06-16)

dorsal view; yellow rump; yellow and blak wings (Zoo; 2013-06-16)

side view; yellow iris contrasts with dark head (Zoo; 2013-06-16)

female; much drabber and lacks the black on the head (Zoo; 2013-06-16)

male building a nest and showing his upperparts (Zoo; 2013-06-16)