female; streaked in brown and well-camoflaged (South Africa; 2007-07-02)

Long-tailed Widowbird
Euplectes progne

Native Range: Africa

Notes: widowbirds are reed- and grass-dwelling weavers in which males in breeding plumage are mostly black and in some species have long tails; males when not breeding are drab and resemble females and immatures; nests are ball-shaped and built in grass or reeds; true to its name, the Long-tailed Widowbird male in breeding condition (not pictured) has a very long (8-inch) tail.

frontal view of female; conical bill; creamy belly (South Africa; 2007-07-02)

dorsal view of female; heavily streaked back (South Africa; 2007-07-02)

non-breeding male; short tail; red patch on wing (South Africa; 2007-07-02)

nonbreeding male, as told by red on wing (South Africa; 2007-07-02)