male; black crown, wings; yellow throat; red legs (Panama; 2008-05-29)

Golden-collared Manakin
Manacus vitellinus

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a noisy manakin in which males in addition to vocalizing produce a very loud snapping sound with their wings; during a prolonged beeding season, several males often gather and display on a lek which is a bare patch of ground from which they have removed leaves and other debris; males puff out their throat feathers during these displays, especially when a female approaches.

female; brownish-olive dorsally; orange-red legs (Panama; 2008-05-29)

female; ventral view showing olive underparts (Panama; 2008-05-29)

female about to be banded (Panama; 2008-05-29)

female posing(Zoo; 2012-10-23)

female assuming a characteristic posture (Zoo; 2012-10-23)

male; note the extendable throat feathers (Panama; 2008-05-29)